The Donut Shop is interested in employing innovative forms of artwork delivery addressing public engagement, accessibility and artist visibility. We offer publishing opportunities to artists,  giving them the platform and access to the broadest audience possible.

Offering affordable options ( 1 dozen = $25 : 1/2 dozen = $15 ) , a bargain for the audience,  means the potential for high returns for each artist is great. Low in cost and overhead, The Donut Shop offers an attractive choice for viewers to start collecting and become an active patron of the arts.


Artists will keep all the proceeds from their sales.

Not only is it our goal to raise money and awareness for each artist but we would like to have the audience consider their effect on the economy of the local arts community and recognize that their participation is key to its continuance. 


April Wilkins


Daniel Shea


Eileen Muller

Jessica Harvey



Justin Schmitz

Tom Burtonwood + Holly Holmes