The Donut Shop collaborates with local artists to publish small edition zines and artists books.  Hoping to support experimental artist publishing, we have developed a business model where the selling of our donut prints is the means for funding our artist publishing projects. 

By using online exhibition and distribution we create an avenue for all kinds of makers to push their practice through book production. 


With inger, by Aimée Beaubien

An unfolding response to archival material discovered in a three-ring binder.

 'I really didn’t know what I was looking for when I landed in Iceland for the month of June. I walked into this museum hoping to discover work new to me. And when I encountered the reading room, I wanted to find a woman represented on the shelves of contact sheets. Beginning on the top left shelf by that makeshift entrance, I systematically read the names written along all of the spines. I worked my way through an army of men lined up for days and years. Disheartened by the search for a woman’s perspective, I randomly pulled out binders just to get a sense of the range of work represented. After making my way through more than two thirds of the shelves, I almost started over. Maybe I wasn’t recognizing gender originating in the Icelandic language. I considered consulting the official Icelandic national registry of 1,853 female names before moving on. And then I found you.'

 In an edition of 25 copies, this is the second limited edition artist book made in collaboration with The Donut Shop.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 2.13.38 PM.png

41 pages / 91 folds
1 unique dye sublimation print
Edition of 25

Printed on Neenah Classic Crest - Solar White + Neenah UV/Ultra II
3-Ring Bound
Printed with Canon imagePress C800 Color Digital Press

Price: $150.00 / SOLD OUT

Included in the following collections:
Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, Il
John M. Flaxman Library Special Collections
Franklin Furnace Artist Book Collection

Cuttings, by Aimée Beaubien

Gardens portray time. Immaculately tended or grown wild; in public space or as private refuge, gardens are collections. Culled from the orderliness of scientific taxonomies, we assemble our gardens for aesthetic pleasures, and for contact with wildness. Cuttings presents some of the raw materials Beaubien incorporates into her garden installations where cut forms interweave, encircle, and hang; trail in ribbon-like shreds; and become wild ornamental outgrowths. “In the archive of family pictures I have inherited, it is evident that my great-grandmother photographed her garden throughout the seasons and her lifetime. Now I photograph in my tiny backyard garden, in my mother’s amazing garden in Florida, and in the botanical gardens near each of our homes.” In these spaces, varied life cycles move at diferent speeds: interdependent systems bloom, grow, intertwine, and die.




142 pages
Edition of 25
Printed on Neenah Classic Crest - Solar White + Neenah UV/Ultra II Translucent Paper
Bound with Plastic Coil
Printed with C800 Color Digital Press

Price: $150.00 / SOLD OUT

Included in the following collections:
Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago
Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection
Whitney Museum of American Art Special Collections


At the gate, Justin Schmitz 

At The Gate is a recent photographic project by Justin Schmitz.

At The Gate continues Schmitz’s interest in looking at small, ordinary events through a lens that magnifies the insignificant and amplifies the mundane. For this project Schmitz turns his camera on students in line for a Saturday college football game. The pictures reveal an atmosphere of disarray as a mass of young people jostle of position in line. The work examines an underlying chaos and the drama of young people acting out. Schmitz made these pictures on the campus at the University of Georgia in the fall of 2014.



16 pages
Edition of 50
Printed on Neenah Classic Crest - Solar White
Saddle Stitch Binding
Printed with OCE Vario Print Monochromatic Press

Price: $30.00

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Jennifer Keats
Perfect Bound with Risograph Cover
Each set is an Edition of 4

The TIME LIFE Series were sourced from at set of 12 books originally published in 1967 by the TIME-LIFE Library.  Each original book measured 8.5"x11". Titles include: The Frontier States, The Plains States, The U.S. Overseas, The District of Columbia, The Mountain States, The South Central States, The Border States, The Gateway States, The Pacific States, The Frontier States, New England, and, The Heartland.

Created by cutting each original book into smaller sets, four books were then bound individually.

Note: Each book will be slightly different depending on the location before the cutting occurred. Black and white and color photos and illustrations serendipitously flow throughout.

Click on images to see more documentation of each book. 

TIME-LIFE | New England States
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TIME-LIFE | The Gateway States
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TIME-LIFE | The Plain States
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TIME-LIFE | The Pacific States
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